A love letter from Adriana

The 1st of
October, 2020

My dear friends,

I am Adriana Castro. I was born in the Caribbean. My designs are filled with magical traditions that stem from memories such as our sombrero vueltiao (Colombian Spanish for turned hat) and lively accordion music. Beautiful floor tile designs are scattered throughout our churches, our main squares, and people's homes. They represent joyful celebrations and Vallenato music's beautiful verses. In Valledupar and Corozal, my ancestors' land, courtship requires poetic verses and accordion music. That's what makes people fall in love. Distinguished individuals from the region are honored continuously with Porro folklore music. One of those individuals was my great grandfather, Arturo Garcia, who is still remembered as "the king of happiness, a kind, warm-hearted man."

My fascination with Gabriel Garcia Marquez's magical realism, and Escalona's profoundly romantic love letters, comes from days when I would sit and read inside my paternal grandfather's office. I later learned that A Hundred Years of Solitude is actually a Vallenato hymn, written in literary verses.

I was born in Barranquilla, a city whose sounds and colors fill every inch of my soul. Red and white square Vichi patterns, worn by Cumbia dancers, are a recurring pattern in my work. I willingly chose solitude as my life partner, which resulted in a fertile ground for creativity. This can be seen in our Zenu Bag, crafted in remote indigenous communities from Zenu, Cordoba, and in our iconic satchel, the Mini Carriel.

My curiosity and passion for life have taken me to remote lands. I am a true citizen of the world, inspired by different architectures, touched by explosive cultures, Caribbean roots, and wondrous life experiences.

Paradoxically, I'm in love with both dance and solitude. My heart is genuinely nomadic. I am simultaneously shy, romantic, passionate, and joyful. This is a paradox that can be seen in everything I create.

I believe in handmade pieces. They represent dedication, perseverance, and love. Seasonal, limited collections are something I can't identify with. I come from the Tropics, an area with only one neverending season. Our radiant sunlight and warm blue skies are eternally present.

I am Adriana Castro. I believe in dreams. A deeply recurring concept guides my work: A handbag is like a dream. It may be difficult to carry at times. You must, however, hold on to it, including everything it has inside. An entire universe can be found inside a handbag. You may even find surprises, or unexpected secrets, possibly even love letters hidden deep inside.

                                                                                                      With deep love,