adriana castro

A Woman Of Understated Elegance

Adriana Castro’s vision for her handbag and accessory designs is very much influenced by who she is as a woman. Ms. Castro’s personality resonates in each of her creations. She is Colombian. Fearless and feminine. Delicate and down-to-earth. Refined and regal. Intelligent and independent. Exotic and enchanting. With an eye suited to discover and uncover the beauty and grace that surrounds her, Ms. Castro feeds her passion of creating breathtaking, exquisite luxury through her love of travel, architecture, culture and art.

Born In Colombia

The story of Adriana Castro begins with a passion for uncompromising craftsmanship, culture and altruism.

Born in Barranquilla, Colombia in 2010, the Adriana Castro brand brings exclusive handmade pieces from skilled artisans to life. Each piece embeds sustainability into its design and thinking. High importance is given to tradition, artisans and craftsmanship, and a genuinely novel definition of slow luxury incorporates authentic, profound, and coherent values into every creation 

born in colombia
A handbag can tell a thousand stories

A Handbag Can Tell A Thousand Stories

No matter the piece, an Adriana Castro design is rich yet delicate, supple yet sturdy. When holding a genuine piece, one can understand the scope of quality and elegance that each handbag and accessory truly embodies. These one-of-a-kind, handmade artisan pieces are timeless, wearable stories and works of art. Bold, sensual textures and colors give every piece extraordinary character and personality.

Uncompromising And Slow Luxury

Adriana Castro’s mission is to create luxury with a purpose, timeless pieces blending traditional craftsmanship with modern classics. She focuses on what she cares about most: enjoying time designing and creating the best piece possible with the very finest materials, hand in hand with local artisans and tanneries. Ms.Castro believes that when a piece is consciously made and is of the highest quality, it is destined to survive the fast-pace of fashion and to be passed onto following generations. 

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Every piece honors deep traditions and history. All collections are timeless. The hands of master artisans ignite love, authenticity, and life into every piece. The Adriana Castro brand focuses on respecting time, strengthening inclusion, cultural identity, and authenticity. By promoting local artisans and partnering with authentic indigenous communities, magic bags come to life crafted by native hands that weave dreams and passion into everything they make.

We wish to leave a positive imprint on the world. Today, more than ever sustainability is at the heart of our commitment to progress. 

Weaving Dreams

The iconic Zenu Bag, inspired by the sombrero vueltiao (Colombian Spanish for turned hat) has become a collection piece charged with exceptional craftsmanship and sustainable materials, reaffirming the commitment of the Adriana Castro brand with slow fashion. In the Caribbean region of Colombia the magic hands of the artisans of the Zenú Indigenous community weave stories with caña flecha, a locally grown cane. Stories that are embodied in a bag that after a hand-made braid, come to life at the Adriana Castro Atelier.

Weaving Dreams

From Generation To Generation

Adriana Castro promotes slow fashion. Every piece of high-quality craftsmanship takes time and dedication to produce and mature. True excellence, uniqueness, and versatility can only be created by hand. It must also incorporate innovation, high-quality raw materials, and the best design and finishing. Only in this way can an end product truly become a timeless treasure, meant to be passed on from generation to generation.

Awards And Accolades

Adriana Castro has been widely recognized for her savoir-faire. In 2007, she received GenArt's prestigious Fresh Faces in Fashion award for accessory design. She earned the prize of Audience Fan Favorite during the 2009 Independent Handbag Designer Awards. In 2010 she was awarded the Best Handbag Designer of the year award. She has been a speaker at the UN's Latino Impact Summit and at many international events, including the Global Youth Leadership Forum, which recognized her as a strong female leader in society. One of her most significant accomplishments was to receive the key to the city of Miami in 2017, after being chosen as one of the USA's 50 most important Hispanic women. Recently, she participated in the International Youth Week, in Nairobi, with the United Nations. 

Awards and Accolades

A Timeless Love Story

Adriana Castro accessories are loved and carried by celebrities and fashion influencers including Kendall Jenner, Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria, Kim Kardashian, Shakira, Heidi Klum, Isabel Preysler, Naty Abascal, Gala González, Camila Coelho, Blanca Miró, Eugenia Silva, Chrissy Teigen and Alejandra de Rojas. Five Adriana Castro bags were featured in the movie Sex and the City 2. 

To be continued...