Adriana Castro Home New Treasures Emerge From Colombia's Greatest River

Celebrating Earth Month, Adriana Castro launches two new families of homeware inspired in Colombian nature.

New treasures emerging from the magnificence of the Magdalena River by navigating its path and flowing into a universe of tropical art and delicate crafts, that is Adriana Castro’s universe. A universe in which the harmony of the nature found in the river’s greatness coincides. It is considered one of the natural pillars of Colombia, and today it welcomes two new families to Adriana Castro Home Collection: Le River and La Hoja.

During the celebration of Earth Month, the designer raises the glass and carries on a work that has taken several years, side by side, with artisans from her home country Colombia, and with their traditional pottery techniques, manifesting the art of a little town called Carmen de Viboral in two new families of homeware.

“The river takes everything away, the river flows. It is full of stories and brings many teachings (…)”, reveals Adriana on her vision about the Magdalena River. The same river where Gabriel García Márquez sailed during his lifetime and got inspired capturing his experiences on countless whimsical writings.

This same deep inspiration is felt by Adriana and is vividly reflected on her new designs to meet, in first instance, Le River complements. Blending her innate tropical soul for being born in Barranquilla, a coast city, and her palpable intimacy with Magdalena, Adriana reimagines the path of the river flowing through plates, cups, and jars. With the ability of the artisans, her imagination is expressed in colors filled with joy on these elements. For Adriana, “they are more than just plates and sets on a table, they are objects of art”, and possibly your new favorite timeless treasures.

In Le River Adriana unveils two color stories: Caribbean Blue, highlighting the navy blue over a mixture of vivid colors like orange and yellow; and Lilac Sunset, in which the lilac replaces the blue on the same palette, and leads each design creating an artisanal sunset you can look at by observing the pieces from the inside of your home.

On the riverside of the Magdalena River you can also discover La Hoja family. Native from the banana bush and found at the end of the river path, it joins Adriana Castro Home filling with life a new set of objets d’art 100% handcrafted keeping the exotic je ne sais quoi from Colombian purposeful luxury.

This earthly dance indulges from sight to the palate with eye-catching plates (deep and flat), curious colorful cups and innovative decorative jars. These objects will make you enjoy a sublime moment at the table by matching them in different ways creating a fun mix & match with the wonderful nuances ranging between orange, yellow, blue and lilac. Together, they reconnect the soul with the nature and the gifts given from it.

“The fondest memories are made when gathered around the table,” states the designer. Stories nourishing from her imagination that are reflected on fully sustainable designs, and celebrating on this month and beyond, the wonders of Mother Nature just as the magnificent Magdalena River and its life.

*Adriana Castro will be donating 10% of proceeds for the preservation of the Magdalena River in Colombia.