El Río de la Vida (The River of Life)

Deep reflections about life gather and transform into an invitation to celebrate it through a story woven by the water, the earth, and the sky, or, in other words, a new starting point for the new creative route of Adriana Castro. A journey that goes deep into herself, mixing her feeling towards the Colombian Caribbean, specially, its navigable Magdalena River. According to the legend, these tropical waters that flow into the Caribbean Sea, are a shelter for travelling souls seeking for life changing experiences and heal the griefs from the heart.

This is, precisely, the ultimate crush for Adriana, a hopeless romantic, to set her eyes towards the fauna, flora and the other species that coexist in this river but emphasizing on its mysticism full of magic and love stories that have been immortalized in books.

In this place where Colombia connects and endless cultures and dreams mix, has also reborn the soul and the heart of Adriana. A before and an after, reflected in 6 woven pieces in vegetable tanned leather made using different handcrafted techniques by artisans, as the stranded leather, inspired in the mangrove of this Magical River, the Magdalena.

With this proposal, pieces that promise to become iconic are born: ‘La Magdalena’ and ‘La Red’, two woven bags inspired on the fishing nets, the first one, on a mini size and the second, extra-large, and mini; ‘La Barca’, a midi-sized clutch that assimilates the shapes of the canoes and boats sailing the Magdalena; ‘Le Knot’, a belt that goesfrom the mooring knots, incorporating the ring of the Azza Bag (AC’s iconic design) on its snap clips; and the Náufrago Hat, a hat that is created from an imaginary, made in arrow cane with leather and horn details.

For her color palette, the designer has gambled for warm colors, mixing the contrast of brown waters, with the yellow of banana leaves and sand, finishing with the green of the riverbanks, the coconuts, and their palms. Black, pink, and beige brushes, also sneak into the collection.

‘El Río de la Vida’ is another selection of Adriana Castro's legacy: pieces with impeccable hand-crafted work, styles presented with a variety of high quality noble and durable materials that last in time, as well as the creative challenge of giving new shapes to them, applying zero waste practices.