Adriana's Very Own Testament

Two distant cultures, Colombia and France, have finally connected in a journey back through time, to the 1950s, filled with accounts of love, music, and literature. The captain on this voyage is Adriana Castro. Deeply inspired by the life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, she took it upon herself to materialize his vision and legacy by creating his personal Le Testament.

Adrianas Very Own Testament 3

The voyage began in 1955. Like many literary giants before him, Garcia Marquez decided to move to Paris in search of literary inspiration. The story goes that on a fine Christmas Eve, he played "El Testamento," a famous Vallenato song by Rafael Escalona. On a different occasion, after being arrested and detained by the police, he spent difficult hours of sustained wakefulness, interpreting "Le Testament" by Georges Brassens. Thus, he achieved the unimaginable: connecting two very different musical testaments within the same city. This tale gives rise to a uniquely different proposal. Five purses and a belt, all possessing Colombian DNA, titled Monsieur, Mercedes, Alicia, Morenita, Tachia, and La Jefa, which invite each wearer to walk in the footsteps of a great man, just as he did when he was away from home on an incredible journey. 

Adrianas Very Own Testament 4

This age of golden misery, literary discovery, and deep uncertainty for "Gabo," has been visually resurrected in Adriana Castro's new line. Golden and natural clay earth tones, combined with cognac, black, and blue, create an ideal synergy. They perfectly complement one another, just as Plinio Apuleyo, complemented "Gabo" with his unconditional friendship. Le Testament honors this great friendship, with a unique accessory: La Jefa Belt. Each piece of this collection was crafted in the spirit of functionality, which was inspired by how the author reinvented himself. Handbags with distinct and interchangeable purse handles, with anchors that enliven their personality, and can be worn as a necklace.

Adrianas Very Own Testament 5

This proposal's greatest inspiration came from Garcia Marquez's love life, one full of romance, secrets, and letters. All while maintaining his commitment to his "eternal love," Mercedes, through correspondence and love letters, in Paris, he sought refuge in the arms of his "secret love," Tachia. This provided inspiration for filling the collection with secret pockets, timeless silhouettes, filled with details and spaces, capable of securing love letters that can survive the test of time.

Adrianas Very Own Testament 6

The artisan's handmade proposal is marked by impeccable craftsmanship, and a variety of noble high-quality, durable materials and textures. Le Testament has been composed using shapes and colors and is a real testament, capable of being passed down from generation to generation.